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AIDS Walk Portland 2014


AIDS Walk Portland is September 6th. Portland people should definitely walk or roll with me and fishkeeper because we are gems and CAP is awesome. Also because plaid will be involved (Lumberjanes) and maybe whiskey? I don’t know. Aaron knows the secrets of the Dame Jacks part.

Hey, Portland/Seattle/NW Peeps! You should come hang out with us! Walk on Sept. 6th! We won’t harvest or sell your organs, probably. If you are worried, you can ask . She has hung out with us IRL and probably has all of her organs still. 

Also, if you could toss a few dollars our way and help donate to a great cause, that’s great. Good vibes, thoughts, and other non-material donations are rad tooooooo. 

Aaron requested a tumblr love note, therefore:


Dear fishkeeper,

You are the queen of my heart. Julie Andrews, though a babe for all the ages, does not compare. (Though a good serenading every once in a while would go a long way, you know.)

The Pussycat Dolls wish their girlfriend were hot like you. Jake Gyllenhaal cries himself to sleep…

Oncewild, I still further support your awesomeness with another recognition. You are raddddd. 

<3 Aaron

A public service announcement to lesbians everywhere:


Whatever you do, do not become friends with gay men. You will find yourself checking out cute boys for them. Then when the boy tries to talk to you, you will have to say something awkward like, “Oh, no, not for me, but I know this boy. I’d give him five gold stars. Here’s his card. Good day.”


I looked up fishkeeper in the tags and this popped up and I wanted to let you know that you are:
A. The Best



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